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Interconnect ribbon
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Product Model:Interconnect ribbon


Product Features:

●  Copper base is the oxygen free copper strips pressed by ultra-precision rolling equipments imported from Germany. It is sleek and no bur edge. The soft hardness can be adjusted by customer requirement.

●  With the particular formula technology, the alloy coat is produced by professional hot-dipping tinning equipments imported from Japan. Coat surface is bright and even, it has stable performance and strong antioxidant which helps to improve the welding yield. Its thickness can be adjusted by customer requirement.

●  The ribbon can be made according to solar module and its dimension.

Interconnect ribbon

Interconnect ribbonInterconnect ribbonInterconnect ribbon

Technical parameters:
Copper-base: oxygenfree copper under TU1 GB/T2059-2000
Copper Content≥99.99%, resistivity≤0.0172Ωmm2/m
Solding tin composition: Leaded/Lead free
Tin layer thickness: 0.02≤one side coat≤0.03mm
Even coat in two sides(thickness according to customer requirement)
Finished ribbon's elongation≥30%
Finished ribbon's resistivity≤0.0245Ωmm2/m
Width tolerance: ±0.01mm
Thickness tolerance:±0.005mm

Regular size(mm):

Product name Spec(Width X Thickness mm)
Interconnect ribbon 1.6 X 0.16
1.6 X 0.18
1.6 X 0.20
1.8 X 0.16
1.8 X 0.18
1.8 X 0.20
2.0 X 0.18
2.0 X 0.20

We can supply other specifications as required by the client.


●  Pancake

●  Spool

●  Cut to length

Related settings:

Designed Interconnect ribbon with lower yield strength to prevent cell damage during threading

Compatible with current manufacturing processes, with minimal reorganization

Application engineers design LCR products to meet the unique needs and specifications of each customer

Improve aesthetics - even dark cells, improve appearance

Low coefficient of thermal expansion (low yield) and minimal internal stress (day/night effect) prevent extreme temperature changes and cell breakage during changes.

The Interconnect ribbon is a hot dip tinned copper conductor mounted around the solar panel and is an important part of the mainstream solar panel for interconnecting solar cells and providing connection to the junction box. The Interconnect ribbon connects the interconnecting strap to the junction box.

The quality of the Interconnect ribbon and its soldering to the solar unit are critical to ensure panel efficiency and durability.

The Interconnect ribbon is a copper conductor for electrolytic tin coating or hot dip solder coating of photovoltaic solar panels.

The Interconnect ribbons are soldered directly to the silicon crystal to interconnect the solar cells in the solar panel.

The Interconnect ribbon transfers the current generated in the solar cell to the PV bus.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life:

Tinned copper ribbon should be stored in dry and ventilated room, where should be no acid, alkali, or harmful gas and the indoor relative humidity should not exceed 60%. Place it horizontally while stacking and avoid the carton extrusion, meanwhile, the stacking quantity of same product should
not exceed five layers or 1 ton. The shelf life can be up to six months since the production date.

assembling  assembling  assembling


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