What Customized Services Can We Do For You?
Improve our products based on the needs of production automation.
Customize products with special specifications based on customer's individual needs.
Cable Clamp for Various Complex Scenes.
Other customization, please contact us.
Our Customer Cases
  • 01
  • Customer demands: A customer of a thin film module in Germany needs to redesign the junction box to support the automation equipment.
Design Advantages
  • Optimize performance
  • Help automation
  • 02
  • Customer demands: A customer in Israel needs customized wiring harness solutions for various scenarios to do EPC projects.
Design Advantages
  • Suitable for all kinds of harsh environment with high safety factor
  • Customization schemes are flexible and diverse based on a variety of product types
  • 03
  • Customer demands: A national project needs fixed photovoltaic cables.
Design Advantages
  • Improving cable stability in outdoor harsh environment
  • Multi-scene application, simple and convenient operation
Our Custom Process
  • Contact us
  • Ask for support
  • Propose solutions
  • Feasibility &Reliability research
  • Customer confirmation
  • Arrange production
If you have any needs, please contact us immediately.
Phone Number
  • 0086-519-89803006 / 0086-18912339297
Office Address
  • No.207 Fenglin Nan Road, Wujin Hi-tech Area, Wujin District, Changzhou
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