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New Product Released. CHINT ASTRO 5s high-efficiency household components are born for the roof

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On May 18th, the 2021 (seventeenth) International Green Building and Building Energy Conservation Conference and New Technology and Product Expo opened in Chengdu. Astronergy New Energy brought the latest high-efficiency household photovoltaic modules ASTRO 5s to follow the light and released it. Mr. He Baohua, product manager of the crystalline silicon manufacturing division, introduced the core technology and highlights of the module on site.


Image source: Chint New Energy

On the evening of May 17th, Beijing time, Ms. Hu Fenghua from the crystalline silicon manufacturing division also launched CHINT ASTRO 5s high-efficiency household modules online at the TaiyangNews ultra-high-power photovoltaic module online conference in Germany.

From a global perspective, the residential photovoltaic market started early, developed rapidly, and demand continues to flourish, with huge potential. Unlike ground-based power stations, the residential roof area is limited, component installation is difficult, operation and maintenance replacement is difficult, and the roof visual requirements are beautiful. In particular, users in Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other regions will pay more attention to the lightness of components and integration with buildings. So what kind of photovoltaic modules are more suitable for overseas home roofs? Astro 5s, an exclusive ultra-high value component product tailored to the needs of household users, is tailored to meet the differentiated needs of the household market, especially the overseas household market, with the characteristics of "lightness, efficiency, quality, and good-looking".

ASTRO 5s that knows the roof best-small figure and big energy

CHINT ASTRO 5s high-efficiency household modules inherit the value proposition of CHINT ASTRO series modules of "creating lasting and efficient green energy", inherit the excellent genes of ASTRO 5 high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, and scientifically match overseas household system installation and application scenarios. Optimize the layout and performance, integrate the design and manufacturing process of 182mm gallium-doped silicon wafer, 23.2% + PERC + high-efficiency battery, half-chip design + 11 main grid, non-destructive cutting, 30mm high-strength frame, high-density packaging, etc. The module power can be Up to 415W, the efficiency is as high as 21.5%, and it integrates "lightness, efficiency, quality and beauty". It is the preferred configuration for the household market and can be widely used on residential roofs.


Image source: Chint New Energy

Compared with the 166-66 and 210-40 version, the CHINT ASTRO 5s module uses 182 large-size cells, the module length is less than 1.8m, the weight is less than 23kg, the power efficiency is excellent, the length and weight are moderate, easy to install, and beautiful and symmetrical; in addition, the total installed capacity and power generation are increased by 3%, and the cost per watt of BOS is reduced by 4 to 5 cents. Beautiful and lightweight, compact and efficient, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, it provides overseas users with better value household product solutions.

Chint New Energy that conforms to the market-deep plowing for household use, innovative integration

The overseas residential photovoltaic market is mature and stable, coupled with high residential electricity prices and strong public awareness of clean energy, the growth trend of overseas residential photovoltaics is obvious, the incremental space is broad, and the degree of marketization is high, and the competition among enterprises is sufficient. As one of the pioneers of household photovoltaics, Chint has actively deployed the household market as early as 2015, starting from scratch, staggering and exploring growth. Actively follow the trend of global energy transition, apply solar clean energy to buildings, and promote the development of green buildings and energy saving. Today, CHINT's high-power, high-efficiency, high-compatibility, and high-quality photovoltaic modules have been widely used in multi-national household roof projects in Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other regions. The cumulative installed scale of domestic household photovoltaics has exceeded 400,000 households. , Design, construction, acceptance, operation and maintenance to training, all have formed a standardized full-process management model.

With the diversified development of household photovoltaic installation forms, the trend of transition from BAPV to BIPV has become increasingly obvious. In recent years, CHINT has actively participated in the formulation and promotion of the BIPV standard, and is currently advancing the compilation of the International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Association SEMI-BIPV standard and the participation of the UL7103 standard. And continue to increase the research and development of BIPV products, and accelerate the layout of the BIPV industry.

CHINT's newly launched ASTRO 5s high-efficiency household components, while enhancing the international competitiveness of household component products, help residents at home and abroad to achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, bringing users lower cost per kilowatt-hour and shorter investment. The payback period and higher return on investment will help the consumer side to achieve the global zero-carbon goal to the maximum.

In the future, Chint will continue to promote the household photovoltaic business to a higher level of development, with greater investment, R&D innovation and more efficient operation procedures, combined with the advantages of the whole industry chain of Chint Power, and actively explore the development of household photovoltaics and Deep integration of global ecological civilization construction and zero-carbon goals to create a more comprehensive and in-depth integrated energy service system.

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