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Hardcore technology solves the problem of photovoltaic panel cleaning-photovoltaic power station cleaning robot

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Primary energy can be further divided into two types: renewable energy and non-renewable energy. Renewable energy includes solar energy, water energy, wind energy, biomass energy, wave energy, tidal energy, ocean temperature difference energy, geothermal energy, etc. They can be recycled in nature and are inexhaustible energy sources.

Regardless of the world or China, conventional energy is very limited. China’s primary energy reserves are far below the world’s average level, only about 10% of the world’s total reserves. Solar energy is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible renewable energy source for human beings. It has sufficient cleanliness, absolute safety, relative universality, a real long life and maintenance-free, resource adequacy and potential economy. And other advantages like having an important position in the long-term energy strategy.

Compared with commonly used thermal power generation systems, the advantages of photovoltaic power generation are mainly reflected in:

In recent years, the use of solar power to generate electricity has become one of the fastest growing industries in the field of renewable energy, thanks in large part to technological progress and the decline in the price of solar panels. Statistics from the National Energy Administration show that as of the end of 2020, China's cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics has reached 253 million kilowatts. China's solar photovoltaic power stations have huge potential, and with active and stable policy support, they will attract more strategic investors to join this industry.

In order to solve the problem of dust pollution in photovoltaic power plants, it is the consensus of the industry to greatly improve the power generation efficiency. At present, the cleaning mode of photovoltaic power plants is mostly manual cleaning (dry cleaning or water washing), or cleaning of construction vehicles. However, due to factors such as wind, sand and climate, the cleanliness of photovoltaic panels can be maintained for a very short time. This kind of cleaning has high cost, long cycle, low efficiency, and wastes a lot of water resources. At the same time, when manual cleaning is performed, uneven force is prone to scratches or cracks. Especially when washing with water, it is impossible to manually manipulate the changes in water pressure. The higher the water pressure, the better the cleaning speed and effect, but the impact on the photovoltaic panels is relatively large. In addition, the photovoltaic panels need to be dried by themselves after washing, and the surface will be affected. The formation of water stains is also a miniature shadow occlusion for photovoltaic panels, which affects the efficiency of power generation.

It can be seen that the traditional cleaning methods and the existing cleaning equipment on the market are not enough to truly solve the energy efficiency problem of photovoltaic power plants. The intelligent cleaning product of photovoltaic panels designed by O&M Electric for photovoltaic power stations-intelligent cleaning robots, effectively improves the efficiency of cleaning the dust on the surface of photovoltaic modules. The intelligent cleaning robot can be used for regular automatic cleaning without manual duty. It can completely remove dust and dirt on the surface of the components to improve the efficiency of power generation. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, O&M electrical cleaning robot cleaning has the following six advantages:

1. Self-powered, with energy storage, no need to provide external power;

2. Intelligent control, unattended, saving labor costs;

3. Water-free cleaning, energy saving and environmental protection, saving water;

4. The operating frequency is freely set, and it is cleaned regularly according to the site environment;

5. The cleaning force of the robot is uniform and will not cause the battery to crack;

6. The robot can work at night

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