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Swiss Solar will build a 1.5 GW photovoltaic module plant in Turkey

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Swiss Solar will build a 1.5 GW photovoltaic module plant in Turkey

Swiss Solar announced that its new solar photovoltaic module production facility is located in Turkey. The company said that upon completion, there will be three production lines with an annual capacity of 1.5 GW. By 2027, its goal is to have "at least" 5 GW of manufacturing capacity.

Swiss Solar said: “This decision was made because of a severe shortage of products. Even if the output doubles (compared to 2020) and the total annual production capacity exceeds 1 GW, it will not be able to meet the needs of old customers.”

The company stated that demand growth and favorable forecasts in the solar energy markets in Europe, North America and South America are the main factors affecting the site selection, adding that the convenient transportation and logistics infrastructure in the region provides sea and land transportation to make the choice clear.

Swiss Solar said: “The first phase of the project will involve the preparation of the production area, including the purchase, installation and adjustment of equipment for three photovoltaic module production lines with nominal capacities of 450 Wp, 500 Wp and 545 Wp. Swiss Solar is already in cooperation with the world. Leading manufacturers conduct negotiations, and their names will be announced after the signing of the supply contract."

The company said that by 2027, its goal is to have 10 production lines with a capacity of up to 500 megawatts, which will enable it to reach a total annual production capacity of at least 5 gigawatts. The company also plans to produce 590Wp photovoltaic modules by then.


The company said: "The main promotion work in Europe and North America will be concentrated in the residential sector, while in South America, it will be concentrated in the commercial and utility sectors."

According to reports, finished photovoltaic modules will provide a 25-year warranty, and the entire product series is expected to be tested by recognized companies, including TÜV SÜD product Service GmbH, UL (USA), North American TUV Rheinland, TSE Certification Center (Turkey), ANCE-Asociación de Normalización y Certificación, aC (Mexico), and InMetro (Brazil), and passed the following certifications: ISO 14001-2015; ISO 9001-2015; ISO 45001-2018.

The company concluded: "The successful progress of the project has allowed Swiss Solar to conclude that the new plant and its innovative products will not only enable the company to meet the needs of its old customers, but also open up new markets."

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