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400MW per year! Meyer Burger plans to build the first photovoltaic module plant in the United States

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400MW per year! Meyer Burger plans to build the first photovoltaic module plant in the United States

According to media reports, Swiss photovoltaic module manufacturer Meyer Burger Technology has announced plans to build a high-performance photovoltaic module production plant in Carnival, Arizona, USA.

This is the company's first photovoltaic module production plant operating outside of the European continent, and setting up this plant in Arizona will contribute to the transformation of energy supply in the United States. In addition, the decision to open a factory in the state was due to the presence of well-trained experts and closer proximity to customers. The company said that the decision was also based on partnerships with the City of Fiesta, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and Arizona.

The plant has an initial annual production capacity of 400MW and will produce photovoltaic modules for household photovoltaic systems, commercial/industrial rooftop systems and photovoltaic parks. Its production will start at the end of 2022, initially 250 jobs will be created, and 500 jobs will be created after the scale is expanded, and its final annual output will be 1.5GW.


Gunter Erfurt, CEO of the company, said: "I sincerely thank our partners in Arizona for their support in this process. Photovoltaic power generation is critical to achieving climate change goals in the United States and the world. Our proprietary heterojunction cell Technology and patented SmartWire module technology can produce more commercially competitive products, thereby providing photovoltaic products of higher quality and performance."

Said Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. "We are very pleased that Meyer Burger has decided to operate its first photovoltaic module production plant in the United States in Goodyear City . This will further strengthen Arizona's leading position in the United States in the field of renewable energy."

Meyer Burger started to recruit local technicians and installers to prepare for the construction and commissioning of the photovoltaic module factory. The company plans to hire and train more employees in 2022 to quickly increase production.

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