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The German household photovoltaic market is hot, and it is expected to add another 1.8GW in 2022!

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The German household photovoltaic market is hot, and it is expected to add another 1.8GW in 2022!

Soaring energy prices, growing environmental awareness, electrification of transportation, and increasing user demand are driving Germany to accelerate the installation and deployment of photovoltaic systems. After another record-setting PV system installed capacity in 2021, the installed capacity of small-scale residential PV systems in Germany reached 1.6GW, with an average installed capacity of 15kW, and it is expected that the installed capacity in this field will increase by another 1.8GW this year.

The number of 10-15kW residential PV systems installed in 2022 is expected to grow significantly, while the number of 5-10kW residential PV systems installed will continue to stagnate. As in previous years, the relevance of the German residential PV system market in 2022 continues to increase. In 2021, 30% of residential PV systems in Germany have an installed capacity of up to 15kWp; by 2022, this proportion is expected to grow to 36%.

The German household photovoltaic market with installed capacity of 1 to 15kW is booming. Increases in rooftop photovoltaics for residential users reveal the impact of electrification of heating and transport. In a recent survey, 500 homeowners were interviewed about the energy consumption of their residential PV systems. About two-thirds of the respondents said that daily electricity consumption will be met first, while almost all other respondents believe that the installation of energy storage systems in conjunction with photovoltaic systems is an essential measure. A third of respondents said they would use electricity from a photovoltaic system for heating, while a quarter said they would use a photovoltaic system to charge electric vehicles.

From the investment plan of having a PV system to the importance of having a dedicated charging station for EVs, the importance of PV systems for charging EVs can be seen. 95% of PV system owners believe that charging electric vehicles is very important. Home users who actively choose to purchase photovoltaic systems also pay more attention to charging electric vehicles. The percentage of homeowners without a PV system investment plan fell to 69%. This result confirms that PV system owners and planners seem to view EVs as an ideal consumer.

Dr Martin Ammon, Managing Partner of EUPD Research, commented, "Amid the sharp rise in energy prices, clean and affordable rooftop photovoltaic is becoming increasingly important for homeowners, and investment in PV systems also stimulates the purchase of electric vehicles.”


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