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Third time breaking the world record! The conversion efficiency of Jinshi Energy's high-efficiency microcrystalline heterojunction module reaches 24.46%

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Third time breaking the world record! The conversion efficiency of Jinshi Energy's high-efficiency microcrystalline heterojunction module reaches 24.46%

Gold Stone Energy adheres to the strategy of "two-wheel drive for heterojunction equipment and technology research and development", relying on the national innovation platform - "National Engineering Research Center for High-efficiency Solar Cell Equipment and Technology", in the field of heterojunction solar cell technology research and development,the conversion efficiency of high-efficiency microcrystalline heterojunction modules continues to reach a new level. According to the test and certification of the global authoritative organization TUV North Germany, the window efficiency of heterojunction modules has reached 24.46%, setting a record for the highest efficiency of crystalline silicon modules. This is the third time the company has refreshed the world record of conversion efficiency of modules this year .

This high-efficiency microcrystalline heterojunction module is based on a high-efficiency double-sided microcrystalline heterojunction cell independently developed by the company using 13.56MHz radio frequency (RF) plasma glow discharge technology. The 13.56MHz radio frequency technology has been verified many times and is very suitable for mass production of high-efficiency double-sided microcrystalline heterojunction solar cells. This technology can realize large-chamber PEVCD design.


The efficiency improvement of modules also comes from the progress of module packaging technology and process. In terms of module packaging, according to the quantum efficiency characteristics of heterojunction cells in the short wave, light conversion packaging materials are used, combined with Kibing Group's new generation of double-coated glass, effectively improving optical gain. At the same time, the components have also carried out corresponding structure and process optimization to achieve high-density battery packaging, and then adopt the company's ultra-low resistivity electrode connection patent technology to improve the electrode connection reliability of the heterojunction components and greatly reduce the series resistance, increasing the electrical gain.

Technological innovation never ends. This year, Gold Stone Energy's "National Engineering Research Center for High-Efficiency Solar Cell Equipment and Technology" has achieved both qualitative and quantitative breakthroughs in the efficiency of high-efficiency microcrystalline heterojunction modules. The module conversion efficiency has broken the world record three times, and there is still room for further improvement.

The company continues to refresh the world record of the conversion efficiency of heterojunction modules, once again proving the advanced nature and great potential of double-sided microcrystalline heterojunction cell technology, and once again proving that 13.56MHz radio frequency (RF) plasma glow discharge technology is also the most ideal technology in terms of efficiency improvement and large-scale industrialization of double-sided microcrystalline heterojunction cells.

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