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Solar Junction Box 4Rail,3Diodes(FT-G006B)
    • Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B)
    • Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B)
    • Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B)
    • Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B)
    • Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B)
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Product Model:Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B)



Product Features:

●    High current and voltage carrying capacity.

●    The connection of bus bar uses soldering mode.

●    The outer cover has the capacity of anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

●    It can be used in the outdoor iron environment.

●    It seals through glue, prevent water and dust. The protection grade is up to IP67.


Number of terminals 4
Number of diodes 3
Cable Spec 4mm2
Connection method Soldering
Weight 240(g)



Rated current 15A
Rated Voltage 1000V DC
Operating Temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Protection Degree IP67
Protection Class Class II

Diode Surface Temperature Change Curve

The thin construction of the Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B) allows it to be mounted directly below the module frame. The strip termination is achieved by soldering, soldering or alternatively via a terminal clip.

The Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B) is fixed to the panel with silicone. The protruding cover provides additional protection against kinking of the cable from the location exposed from the cable gland.

Compatible with MC4

It has many advantages. First, its automatic locking makes the connection easier, reliability and the connector uses an internal reed touch. Second, its popular map is suitable for most field installations. Third, it can be connected quickly. Moreover, it can be waterproof and dustproof. Last but not least, the quality of durability makes it increasingly popular.

Advantage of Solar Junction Box (FT-G006B):

1. Shell with anti-aging and UV resistance

2. Meet the requirements of use under harsh outdoor conditions

3. Self-locking function makes the connection method more convenient and firm

4. Scientific protection against electrical insulation, with good safety

5. Convergence with good weldability

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life:

Tinned copper ribbon should be stored in dry and ventilated room, where should be no acid, alkali, or harmful gas and the indoor relative humidity should not exceed 60%. Place it horizontally while stacking and avoid the carton extrusion, meanwhile, the stacking quantity of same product should
not exceed five layers or 1 ton. The shelf life can be up to six months since the production date.

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