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Show you how to turn your own roof into a photovoltaic power station

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1. What kind of roof is suitable for installing photovoltaic power plants?

The most suitable for installing household photovoltaic roofs are rural villas, which are in good condition and unobstructed. You can observe whether there are obstructions around your own roof and whether the lighting conditions are good. Generally speaking, flat roofs and sloping roofs are more suitable for installing photovoltaic power plants.

Flat roof

On a horizontal roof, the photovoltaic array can be installed at the best angle to obtain the maximum power generation; the biggest advantage of installing a photovoltaic power station on a flat roof is heat insulation and cooling, which can generally be cooled by 5 to 7 degrees, using cement piers + photovoltaic brackets. The investment cost is not high and the economy is relatively good.

Illustration 1 of installation of photovoltaic p

Illustration 2 of installation of photovoltaic power station on flat roof

Sloping roof

It is more beautiful to install photovoltaic power stations on sloped roofs. Due to the large slope of the roof, rainwater is easy to drain, and the construction is simple and easy to maintain. This kind of roof-mounted photovoltaic power station does not need to increase the bracket and calculate the inclination angle. During installation, it can be laid according to the tilt angle of the roof itself, and the installation capacity is not affected by the area. Due to the large slope, it can also have the effect of automatically cleaning the power stat


Illustration 1 of installation of photovoltaic power station on sloped roof

     Illustration 2 of installation of photovoltaic power station on sloped roof

How big a photovoltaic power station can be installed on the roof of my house, and how much will it cost?

According to the size of the roof area of one's own house, the general family roof can be installed in 3kW-10kW household projects, of course, if the area is larger and higher-power modules are used, larger projects can be achieved. Under normal circumstances, a roof of about 10 square meters can be installed with 1kW. Adjusting the array and actual layout, using high-power components, can also achieve 7-8 square meters to make one kilowatt.

What products need to be purchased to install a set of photovoltaic power station, and how to choose?

A set of photovoltaic power station consists of photovoltaic modules, inverters, grid boxes, cables, brackets and other products. Each product needs to be carefully selected. Therefore, for a new comer of photovoltaic, it is recommended to find a well-known local installer or brand Distributor installation (contact the brand's official website for consultation), from the beginning of design and installation by a professional team to ensure future power generation and revenue.


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