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Panasonic heterojunction solar modules released. Attenuated 8% within 25 years

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A few days ago, Panasonic released heterojunction solar module products. It is reported that this component is mainly for residential users, so there are many bright spots in technology and design.

The first is technically, this is a heterojunction solar module. This is the next generation of solar cell technology that the industry is optimistic about. Its conversion efficiency is higher than that of PERC technology and there are fewer production process steps. The reason why it is difficult to popularize at present is that the production equipment is expensive and requires low-temperature silver paste, which is completely different from the high-temperature silver paste used in PERC and TOPCON battery technologies.

However, the heterojunction battery technology was invented by Japanese companies, and local companies have already had heterojunction battery equipment. However, judging from the current development of the Japanese photovoltaic industry, the scale is not large and the cost will be much higher. In terms of low-temperature silver paste, the Japanese company Kyoto ELEX (KE) has a global market share of more than 90%, and Panasonic has no worries in this regard.  

Thanks to the support of strong supporting enterprises, Panasonic has created this heterojunction solar module. The performance is also very good. The conversion efficiency is 21.2% to 21.7%, which is almost the same as the current leading level of PERC battery technology components. After product iteration, it is likely to exceed 22%.

In addition, Panasonic also provides this product with a 25-year product warranty and a 25-year power output guarantee, and it can still operate at 92% of its initial performance at the end of the warranty period. That is, the power attenuation in 25 years does not exceed 8%.

In terms of design, Panasonic also introduced a black version of this component, which has a stronger appearance and can meet users with different needs. However, the efficiency performance is somewhat inferior, ranging from 20.6% to 21.2%.

In general, Panasonic's heterojunction solar modules have excellent product capabilities, and of course the price will be higher, but residential users are relatively price-sensitive, and may be welcomed by many users in the Japanese market.

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