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Swiss PV module maker Meyer-Burger plans to increase PV module capacity

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Swiss PV module maker Meyer-Burger plans to increase PV module capacity

According to reports, Swiss photovoltaic module manufacturer Meyer Burger said a few days ago that it plans to increase the annual production capacity of its photovoltaic module products, but the company's capacity increase plan has been delayed due to the global supply chain disruption or bottleneck.

Meyer Burger has adjusted its production plans for this year and next. The company expects its annual production capacity of heterojunction photovoltaic cells to be 320MW~370MW. Its initial goal was to produce 500MW of high-performance PV modules at its PV module factory in Freiberg, Germany.

The company produced 108MW of PV modules in the first half of 2022 and expects to produce 210MW to 260MW in the second half.

Meyer Burger also recently announced that it will further increase its annual production of photovoltaic cells and modules in Germany to 1.4GW. The company said that its first production line with an annual output of 400MW has already been deployed, and the expansion of other production lines is expected to start in September this year. According to Meyer Burger's forecast, this implies an annual capacity of 1.0GW to 1.2GW in 2023, compared with the company's original forecast of 1.35GW.


The company said that the production facility is currently running at lower-than-expected capacity and that delays in its plans to increase capacity suggest that bottlenecks remain in the global supply chain.

In addition, production capacity will be affected as one line currently operating at Meyer Burger is scheduled to be shut down to integrate with another line. As users have higher demand for the three different photovoltaic modules produced by the company, the products produced by the current production line are replaced more frequently. It also had a negative impact on its overall production, but Meyer Burger said it hopes to minimize this impact in the future.

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